excuses, excuses...

right.  so i have lots of good reasons i haven't blogged in the last month.  gosh, i don't even have a picture - gasp!

1 - i should have a shirt that says "hello, my name is courtney and i'm a readaholic".  seriously.  i am currently reading the a song of ice and fire series by george r.r. martin, better known as the "game of thrones" series thanks to hbo putting together a stellar mini series by that name (also the first book in the series).  reading is like, my only hobby (outside of crafting/sewing/cooking, etc... hmm).  when people ask what i like to do my first answer is READ!  the only thing is that i have trouble balancing "life" when i get into a series or story.  all the "life" things like dishes, dinner, laundry, cleaning, sleeping, eating, work (ahem), fall by the way side and are ignored completely until i read so much i start to go cross eyed.  i need to work on that.

right, so this is a really legitimate reason for not blogging.   this story is epic.  like, huge.  the author is amazing, the story is impossible to put down and it doesn't follow the rules.  that whole good-guys-win-bad-guys-lose thing is out the window.  anything goes, anything can happen and holy moly it does!  there are 5 books out to date (i'm on book 3) and there are 2 in the works so this might continue to be a reason that i neglect my blog :)

2 - my parents came for a visit!  they arrived thursday night and i only worked friday morning so mom and i could really enjoy some shopping time.  friday we went to the galleria - nordstrom, sephora, pandora, etc.  then saturday we spent some time at a few interior fabric stores to buy some fabric for updated pillows and curtains for our house.  we had a lovely lunch at the magnolia cafe and continued shopping at sur la table and target.  we had a little rest while the guys had "guy time" and then we all went out for a really fun dinner at blue mesa.  sunday morning after church they loaded up and we went to lunch then they headed home.  we were exhausted!  we crashed and slept for almost 4 hours!

3 - there's nothing really important going on right now to blog about!  we are pretty boring... we've settled into a nice routine and enjoy our weekends together.  we don't venture far outside our routine right now because we don't have to.  we have a lot of weekends with nothing on the calendar so we can do whatever we want and we are loving it.

we have a lot coming up - my birthday, easter, summer (already?!) so i know there will be more to do but man, i'm loving doing nothing right now.



musings on migraines

sooo, i'm about to get serious on y'all.  i know this is only my... 6th post?  but hey, c'est la vie.

this  is not me. 
if, however, i do find a way to scan and post all of my MRI images, you will all have the pleasure of seeing from my tippy-top (brain) all the way to my, well, bottom (sacrum). super, right?! 

we all know that excedrin commercial that says "if you have migraines, you know pain".  the only thing is i want to punch that girl in her migraine-free face because i actually DO have migraines and "pain" isn't always an accurate way to describe how they feel.  i used to take excedrin and it used to work for my headaches - until those headaches became more frequent, higher on the pain scale (i wish it was 1-10 but it's more like 1-infinity) and starting bringing along with them a host of unpleasant symptoms.  i was taking excedrin every day.  every.  day.  and i was still having migraines.  then i realized there was probably something more serious going on.  my breaking point was when i was praying not to have one on my wedding day - Lord, please... let me have this one day... please.

i'm not a martyr.  i won't choose to suffer but i'm also not a hypochondriac.  the problem is migraines are a total body issue, not just a "head" ache.  blurred vision, nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to smells, light, sounds, touch, thinking, breathing... it all became a very miserable experience.  since the migraines seemed to be stalking me ("oh heeey there... you have friends coming into town this weekend? BAM! MIGRAINE! BWA-HA-HA!") and the symptoms were almost as hard to deal with as the pain in my head i finally went to the doctor.

after trying a prescription med for a while (that didn't work but had the odd side affect of making me pee, A LOT) i was referred to a neurologist.  after an MRI - the 7th one i've had, too bad there aren't frequent scanner miles on those puppies! - we were relieved to know there wasn't a physiological issue causing the episodes or scar tissue left as a result of the episodes.  my parents were relived to know there was actually a tissue mass where my brain was supposed to be :)  hilarious.  i knew red wine and all of it's derivatives were triggers and avoided them easily.  the next step was prevention.  out of the choices available my doctor and i selected one with few/no side effects that would be a daily preventive regimen.  after 2 weeks i could tell a difference in the frequency of my migraines.  score!  she upped the dose and voila - it was like night and day.  until i wasn't suffering every day with those nasty buggers i didn't realize how bad it had been.  i felt like a totally different person, more myself than i had been in a long time (we figured out i was having 18-22 migraine days a month. yikes.).  i also realized how much time i had wasted NOT going to the doctor.  i mean, seriously, those people go to school for like 20 years to be able to provide medical care and expertise for issues we have.  i say take advantage of that knowledge!  i was also given an "abortive" medication that i would only take when i felt a migraine coming on.  thankfully, we found one that actually WORKS.  i mean, it works, y'all.  if i take it when i feel one coming it never fully materializes.  it might linger and nag at me but it is bearable and by heaven, i'm functional.  there are also no side effects.

for years i prayed about these headaches.  i kept food journals, weather journals and tracked my cycle in case it was hormonal.  i missed fun times with family and friends.  i missed work.  i spent sleepless nights in pain.  i worried.  i questioned why it was happening to me.  i suffered.  i prayed the Lord would reach down His healing hand.  that He, the ultimate physician, would cure me.  that He would grant knowledge to what was causing them and relief when they came.  that He would provide and take away.

He did.  He provided me with a job that gives me insurance.  He provided me a wonderful physician that referred me to another wonderful physician.  He provided knowledge in my doctors to find a way to help me.  He provided medicine that works.  He provided.  He took away my physical and emotional pain caused by these migraines.  He provided and He healed.  and i am so very thankful.

my main point here is open your eyes to what God is providing you.  we all know the story of the lifeboat - don't turn it away.  also, listen to what your body is telling you.  and go to the doctor!!



weekend #7

our weekend went something like this...

1) sweet husband was gone for a race = my house actually stayed clean for at least 24 hours!  woo!
2) relaxed at home in my pj's on a blissful rainy saturday
3) went to church
4) had a dinner date
5) grocery shopped
6) relaxed some more
7) went out to lunch to celebrate jacob's grandmother turning a whopping 81 - and she is just as spry as ever!
8) made homemade bread
9) relaxed again
10) watched harry potter weekend on abc family

it's usually the same every weekend (gotta eat - gotta grocery shop) with a few exceptions (if harry potter was on tv every weekend i doubt we would EVER get anything done. ever.) but it was lovely.  and if my powers of prediction are correct, after consulting Sir Filofax, then next weekend should look pretty similar!  hooray!



marvelous monday

happy monday.  it's always a bit depressing when monday rolls around after a perfect weekend with my sweet husband.  but it's one day closer to the next weekend - so here's to a marvelous monday!

ps:  find this super cute print here.



girls' weekend

a couple of weeks ago i had the privilege to host these lovely ladies in dallas for our annual girls' weekend!  jacob told me he was going out of town for a race and as soon as he finished his sentence i was on the phone to these girls to see if they were free.  we're all so busy with work, school, husbands or significant others that finding an open weekend for all of us is very rare - usually once a year.  not to mention that we are scattered across the state in round rock, college station, houston and plano (sheesh, texas is too big!).

clair, kate and christina drove in on friday afternoon and it was an insta-party!  it was the usual get together for us - up talking into the wee hours, shopping, eating and one of my migraines (ha!).  it was so much fun, as always, and made me realize how blessed we are to have each other.  we've been friends since 6th grade and so far have been with each other through middle and high school, college, grad school, cross-country and international moves, old jobs, new jobs and 2 weddings.  we will always be best friends no matter where we are in our lives - we will always be family.



merry, merry

merry christmas!

we had so much fun picking out the christmas card for our first married christmas.  it makes us feel so legit.  we spent days browsing this site and found our perfect card to send to friends and family.

what a truly blessed and happy first year it has been.  we'll be celebrating our first anniversary in about 2 weeks.  looking back it's gone by in a flash and we are so thankful we have each other.

after the christmas celebration with family and friends i will be catching up with the last several months and what's been going on in our lives.  i can't wait to share all the fun things we've done!

love and merry wishes for a very happy christmas,



The Blog

i remember telling my sweet husband that i couldn't wait to start a blog about 6 months before we got married.  all my friends had them - and friends of friends, and random people i don't know but i read their blogs anyway - and i wanted one too.  i wanted to wait until after we were married so i could blog all the cute married-people things we would do together.  i also wanted one of those super fancy, custom designed templates.  all the bells and whistles.  just to tell people who already knew what was going on in our lives what was going on in our lives.  after the wedding it took me about 2 or 3 weeks to come up with a clever title that hadn't already been taken.  and i thought "hooray!  i can blog now!"....

well, that was about 9 months ago.  and now that we are nearly 10 months into our marriage i figured this was as good a time as any to actually follow through and write The Blog.  The Blog had become this thing that seemed like a really good idea (bells and whistles, remember?) but one that i was terrified to actually start because 1) then i would be accountable for updating it on a regular basis, 2) it would be bor-ing because y'all, i'm not nearly as clever as half the bloggers out there, and 3) i was afraid no one - outside of my mom - would actually read it.  so last night sweet husband took on The Blog as his personal project.  instead of having someone else design my tricked out blog he put his skills to use and designed one that was perfectly me (grey - hello?!).  now that i had this beautiful blog it was hard to ignore and it was really only a matter of time before i had to pay attention to it beyond just looking at the lovely design.  and he also told me i had to use The Blog.  period.

so here i am!  the beginning of The Blog - which has apparently taken on a life of its own already.  i'm sure i will recap the fun we've had in our first year of marriage as well as update on current stuff we're doing.  it will be a total mess and hodgepodge of my life/our lives.  i know most won't care to read what is here but hey, maybe in this pinterest day-and-age i'll become famous! ha!  and it will also be a place for those we love, far and near, to keep up with us as much as they like.  

i promise i won't wait 10 months to post again.  until then...